Weddings Special | Vogue, April 2022-Cornelia James

Weddings Special | Vogue, April 2022

When it comes to weddings, there is no such thing as too many flowers.
Freedom, Creativity, Generosity | Vogue Paris, March 2021-Cornelia James

Freedom, Creativity, Generosity | Vogue Paris, March 2021

“Freedom. Creativity. Generosity. These are the watchwords for our cover! They are clearly written into this March issue of Vogue Paris. The result? A freedom of style which tirelessly reinvents itself and demonstrates a beautiful vitality". Florence, @_floeee wearing our 'Harriet' gloves, lensed by David Sims, styled by Aleksandra Woroniecka. Stylist assistants, Jessica Falcao and Maureen Barbier. 
Castle in the Sky | Giselle Norman | Vogue China, October 2020-Cornelia James

Castle in the Sky | Giselle Norman | Vogue China, October 2020

Giselle Normal, styled by Konca Aykan and photographed by David Abrahams for Vogue China October 2020 issue. Giselle wears our 'Theodora' gloves. Somewhere high up in the sky, a Lady awaits her Lord. And a Lady must always dress graciously - elbow length silk gloves are a symbol of such grace and power. 'Theodora' boasts importance. 
Claudia Schiffer in 'Siren Call' | British Vogue, September 2020-Cornelia James

Claudia Schiffer in 'Siren Call' | British Vogue, September 2020

British Vogue has before analysed the forever appeal of Claudia Schiffer - but in this September issue Dena Gianni styles the supermodel to wish her a happy 50th birthday in the season’s most sumptuous eveningwear. Claudia Schiffer dressed up with the 'Arabella' glove - the fairest of all lace gloves- to play a ’50s femme fatale at her home in the county.  Schiffer’s husband Matthew Vaughn is behind the lens with her hair by Anna Cofone and makeup by Alex Babsky.     


Amanda Harlech styles our 'Nancy' and 'India' gloves for the August 'Fantasy' issue of Vogue US. The team dreamed up their own 'I do' celebration for the ages. Photographed by Autumn De Wilde.
Linsday Lohan | Vogue España, August 2009-Cornelia James

Linsday Lohan | Vogue España, August 2009

Lindsay Lohan as featured on the cover of Vogue España in their 'Tribute to Marilyn'. Lindsay wore our 'Ella' lace glove, photographed by Alix Malka.
The Snow Queen | British Vogue, March 2009-Cornelia James

The Snow Queen | British Vogue, March 2009

Enchanting, ethereal, playful and bold. Enter a world of pure fantasy where a fairytale princess - the embodiment of ancient mythology's Three Graces vies for attention with magical swans.. Caroline Trentini styled by Kate Phelan who chose our 'Henrietta' pure cotton gloves. Photographed by Tim Walker.  White as snow, our 'Henrietta' gloves are not as innocent as they may seem. Worn by an evil force, these gloves became an accomplice to the Snow Queen's misdemeanours. Will you follow the Snow Queen or use these gloves to put some good into the world?        
Whereabouts | Vogue Italia | May 2018-Cornelia James

Whereabouts | Vogue Italia | May 2018

Our 'Georgina' gloves can take you anywhere. Draped in mournful black, Sara travels by train to a far away town to escape the difficulties of city life. Her gloves are a welcome friend, providing companionship and comfort through this difficult journey. If you'd like to find out the whereabouts of our 'Georgina' glove take a look into Vogue Italia May 2018 issue. Olivier Rizzo styles models Sara Grace Wallerstedt and Fran Summers in 'Whereabouts' in Vogue Italia. Photographer Alasdair McLellan is behind the lens. Hair by Anthony Turner; makeup by Lynsey Alexander.   
Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? | British Vogue-Cornelia James

Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? | British Vogue

Tim Walker, the man for dreams and escapism creates an imaginary Tim Burton-esque world for Vogue April 2008. Karen Elson, wearing our 'Arabella' glove impersonates Tchaikovsky's Clara and her journey to a magical land on Christmas Eve, when she is given a nutcracker who comes to life.  Everything is so dreamy in this editorial concept. The lighting, the textures, the colours, the ability for the foreign elements to appear natural within the settings and our 'Arabella'. Tim Walker's world is "a whim, an entertainment to provoke something in people, whether as escapism or relief."  Karen tells the Nutcracker she wishes the adventure would never end and he tells her it won’t for those who have an eye to see it - and as we like to say the adventure never ends for those who never take off their gloves.