Josephine Parkhill | Cornelia James | Bridal shoot-Cornelia James

Josephine Parkhill | Cornelia James | Bridal shoot

Designed in London, Josephine Scott is the epitome of luxury designs for sophisticated brides and proud to be an official supplier to the Queen Charlottes Ball.
Vogue Arabia | Cornelia James | Ashley Park-Cornelia James

Vogue Arabia | Cornelia James | Ashley Park

MAIN FASHION STORY featuring actress Ashley Park  PHOTOGRAPHER: Tarek Mawad HAIR AND MUA: Carole Nicolas  
Weddings Special | Vogue, April 2022-Cornelia James

Weddings Special | Vogue, April 2022

When it comes to weddings, there is no such thing as too many flowers.
Something old, something new, something blue-Cornelia James

Something old, something new, something blue

Never be afraid to accessorise your gloves. Wear that bracelet that has been passed through the generations, or the ring you got for your 'something blue'. Gloves will never stop you from wearing jewellery, and Mariah @marzzyh is the perfect example of this. Her 'Desdemona' silk gloves offer a blank canvas which emphasises the beauty of her jewellery. The gloves also feature a mousquetaire, meaning she can fold the hand of her glove away while keeping the sleeve on. 'Desdemona' is practical and absolutely elegant in every way. Photos by @valoriedarling. Hair and makeup by @vanezzy_teamhairandmakeup  and @marial_teamhairandmakeup.
Gloves for a Beach Wedding-Cornelia James

Gloves for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings call for simplicity and practicality - our 'Desdemona' gloves offer both. Their mousquetaire opening means you won't have to worry about getting your gloves sandy or wet - details like this make all the difference.  If you appreciate details as much as us, you will know we designed 'Desdemona' with you in mind. It's the little things that make the biggest difference. Not to mention, our bride, Maddie, looks simply gorgeous in 'Desdemona'. How could you resist?
Your London Wedding, September 2018-Cornelia James

Your London Wedding, September 2018

The model is wearing our 'Lara' fine net glove. The stylist is Carmela Marinescu and the photographer is Megan Kelly. For the bride looking for a little more adventure, 'Lara' fits the bill perfectly. Her harlequin cuff is flirty and fun, bringing an unexpected twist to your special dress. Make your day memorable with 'Lara'.
Carla Boscono | CR Fashion Book, October 2016-Cornelia James

Carla Boscono | CR Fashion Book, October 2016

Carla Boscono featured in the October 2016 issue of CR Fashion Book, wearing our 'Lara' glove in fine net. The photographer is Katja Mayer. Your wedding dress should be specific to your personality. An easy way to personalise your dress is through accessories. Gloves always add a special something to your wedding outfit, whether you choose bows, feathers or a harlequin cuff. Play around with different styles until you find one that reflects your personality.