Vogue Paris | 1000th Anniversary Issue-Cornelia James

Vogue Paris | 1000th Anniversary Issue

Aleksandra Woroniecka styles our 'Giselle' and 'Desdemona' glove for Vogue Paris's 1000th Anniversary issue, shot on location in Milan. Photographed by Juergen Teller. 
Vogue Germany | September 2019-Cornelia James

Vogue Germany | September 2019

Nicola Knells and Maximilian Aufschaiter style our 'Arabella' gloves in Vogue Germany. Photographed by Chris Colls.Finding the right balance can sometimes be tricky, but luckily 'Arabella' is alway...
Georgia Tal | Vogue Italy-Cornelia James

Georgia Tal | Vogue Italy

Georgia Tal styles our 'Ariadne' glove for the latest issue of Vogue Italy. Photographed by Lou Schoof.
British Vogue | August 2019-Cornelia James

British Vogue | August 2019

Edward Enniful styles our 'Anastacia' lace glove in a Bowie-inspired look for British Vogue.
Vogue Russia-Cornelia James

Vogue Russia

Katerina Zolototrubova styles our 'Nancy' lace glove in Vogue Russia. Photographed by Olivia Zahm.   
Vogue Italia-Cornelia James

Vogue Italia

Victoria Sekrier styles our 'Hermione' satin glove and our 'Harriet' cotton glove in Vogue Italia. Photographed by Pierre Debusschere.
Zoe Kravitz | British Vogue-Cornelia James
Famous Faces

Zoe Kravitz | British Vogue

Zoe Kravitz wears our 'Millie' cotton glove in the July issue of British Vogue. Styled by Edward Enniful, photographed by Steven Meisel.
Vogue Japan | June 2019-Cornelia James

Vogue Japan | June 2019

Our 'Ella' lace glove is featured in the June issue of Vogue Japan. Styled by Sissy Vian and photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg.
Vogue Paris | April 2019-Cornelia James

Vogue Paris | April 2019

Aleksandra Woroniecka styles our 'Melissa' long velvet glove, our 'Hermione' long satin glove and our 'Desdemona' silk glove in the April issue of Vogue Paris. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan.