How fast will my gloves arrive?

Almost all our gloves are made ‘to order’ but we work swiftly. Most orders will ship within a day or two and will be delivered within a week, wherever you are in the World. For a small fee, we offer priority ‘same day’ shipping.

Can I return/exchange?

Yes - there is a 60 day window.

Will they fit?

Yes - they will fit like a glove ought to fit. Please take care with the sizing info.

I'm buying gloves for someone, how can I guess their glove size?

You can make a guess at someone's glove size if you know how tall they are. See our guide here.

One glove or two?

Some people ask this question! You will receive a pair of gloves.

Not sure about fabric and style - can I speak to a real person?

Of course! Contact us via phone, email, WhatsApp or Instagram during UK business hours.

Can I have a personal message included?

Yes - we send a handwritten note with all orders. Let us know if we should write something special.

What gloves will work best with my dress?

Send us a photo and we will get back to you.

Can I order a selection and send some back?

Yes, you can.

Can I order a bespoke length?

Yes. This may make the purchase non refundable.

Can I order a bespoke colour?

Yes, we work with a very good dyeing house.

Can I wear my engagement ring over my gloves?

Gloves made from Tulle or Silk are fine enough for rings.