What Are The Best Gloves For Springtime? That Depends, Really.-Cornelia James

What Are The Best Gloves For Springtime? That Depends, Really.

With springtime just around the calendar corner, long-awaited brighter days, ever-lasting evenings and frosty tropical drinks are on the horizon. So, in anticipation for the warmer weather, we thought it was high time to introduce you to our very best gloves for spring.

With springtime just around the calendar corner, long-awaited brighter days, ever-lasting evenings and frosty tropical drinks are on the horizon. So, in anticipation for the warmer weather, we thought it was high time to introduce you to our very best gloves for spring. From alfresco picnics and outdoor weddings to rooftop soirées and garden dinner parties, springtime gloves are a reliable accessory during the warm months – just as long as you select the right pair. Whilst thick wool, heavy-spun cashmere and velvet opera gloves are ideal during the frostbit wintertime, the best gloves for all seasons are both adaptable and aesthetically pleasing. By opting for lightweight and airy fabrications, you’re sure to stay cool and collected whilst receiving a sartorial dose of well-dressed confidence from your favourite accessory. As for the transformative power of a springtime glove? Well, you already know about that – even the most simple of day dresses can be amped-up with the addition of an elbow-length glove and matching sunglasses. Plus, popping on an easy-breezy pair will leave you far less flustered during formal affairs than that stuffy, oversized hat. So, SPF at the ready – let’s find your favourite accessory for spring/summer 2022.

Year-round, Everyday Gloves

As we all strive for sustainability, making conscious wardrobe choices can be a small way to help the bigger mission. A year-round, everyday glove is a timeless piece that will serve you from day to day, month to month. So, what are the best everyday gloves, oh dear reader? Well, the first thing to consider is insulation and breathability, as this will ensure their reliability during both the warmest and chilliest of days. A material that boasts the thermal benefits of both? Cotton. The best friend of the fashion world (always there for you, no matter the weather), cotton absorbs humidity and promotes air circulation during the summer. It’s also a great winter choice, as it can be layered for lightweight protection. Silk is also a good option, as it’s another natural insulator that offers much-needed cooling properties during soaring climes.

You should also take some time to consider the style of glove that you need. For daytime, opting for a simple design that can be paired with any number of wardrobe combinations would be your best bet. However, for a year-round evening glove, your options broaden a little. We’re presuming you won’t be too concerned about staying warm during the midnight hour, so you’ll have a pick of the bunch. Lace, velvet and silk are all ideal for the twilight hours, as they add that timeless je ne sais quoi without relying on seasonal trend cycles. Put simply, has there ever been a time that silk is out of fashion? Of course not.

Finally, the best part about investing in an everyday glove is that, so long as you go with your trusty glovemakers at Cornelia James, you’ll have a pair for life. That saves both time and money spent replacing your sartorial right hand. What could be better?

Sueded Cotton Gloves

It won’t be hard to per-suede you to see the benefits of our sueded cotton gloves for spring. To put it bluntly: they’re the very best for ceaseless elegance. With most of our collection dating back to the ‘50s, when Cornelia designed the first ever Maud glove, each timeless style has been crafted from pure Supima cotton, grown in the San Joaquin Valley of sunny California. This is then transported to Derbyshire, where it is knitted into a cotton jersey and brushed to give it that signature sueded handle, before being delivered to our team of glovemakers to work their magic. Utterly practical for year-round adventures, our sueded cotton is rated 50+ for ultraviolet protection. What’s more, it has just enough ‘give’ for that robust, devil-may-care approach to daily life. Convinced? We thought as much. Right this way to find your longest commitment to date – just don’t tell your partner that we sent you.

Swiss Cotton Gloves

Soft as a peach, there’s a reason why our Swiss cotton gloves are synonymous with year-round comfort. Sourced from Fehraltorf in Switzerland, this is the real deal. Do you know how you can tell? Well, our Swiss cotton for spring is resistant to pilling, making it perfect for warm-weather wear. Better still, this easy-care fabric is perfectly machine washable, so you can enjoy those long days that melt into balmy nights. Plus, this premium fabrication won’t look out of place under the disco ball, so you won’t even have to bring a ‘just in case’ pair to change into. From the luncheon hour to pre-dinner apéritifs, try our cotton glove collection out for size.

Satin Gloves

As silky smooth as midnight, satin is the timeless star of the evening wear world. But, if you’re looking for your own dependable pair of satin gloves for spring, there’s no better companion than our Duchess satin. As scintillating as the champagne you’ll be toasting with, this medium-weight satin has a slight glimmer to the fabric – bringing a dimensional finish to your party attire. Crafted with a touch of stretch for maximum comfort during those warmer days, our selection of satin gloves also boast artisan touches, such as Swarovski crystal embellishments, tulle ‘tutu’ cuffs and dramatic ostrich feathers.

Silk Gloves

The temptress of the textile world, we couldn’t not talk about silk gloves for spring. At Cornelia James, only the very best of the best will do. That’s why our artisans use a pure silk jersey knit that has been revered by glovemakers for centuries. An unbeatable luxury, our silk glove collection boasts distinctive details such as mousquetaire buttons (allowing the wearer to remove the hand without taking off the entire glove) and bow detailing. What’s more, should a heatwave strike, this natural fabric is great for avoiding that all-encompassing fluster.

Tulle Gloves

Whisper thin, tulle is both delicate and demanding. A true attention-catcher, the semi-sheer quality of tulle is perfect for adding dimension without the burden of a heavy layer. And despite its fragile appearance, it's also surprisingly durable. Our elegant selection of tulle gloves for spring offer a harmony of show-stopping styles – with bow detailing, flocked patterns and dimensional harlequin cuffs aplenty.

Lace Gloves

Whether you’re drawn to the purest of white iterations or the darkest of midnight noir, any warm-weather look can be vamped up with our very best lace gloves for spring. From petite wrist-length styles to the soaring lengths of our iconic opera gloves, we exclusively source our lace from France and Austria. This ensures our fabrications have been spun via traditional methods (such as working with 19th century looms and hand beading) for optimum luxury. From the delicate fleur-de-lis pattern of Nancy to Eliza’s swirling arboreal design, the delicate construction of lace will make sure your gloves remain a year-long prized possession.

Spring Wedding Gloves

What’s that we hear? Ah yes, the joyful peals of wedding bells. We all know the drill – from April until the very last day of August, your diary is packed with the many holy matrimonies of your social circle. And, as any well-behaved wedding guest will know, appearances are everything. So, what would make for a better ‘plus one’ than the unparalleled sophistication of a pair of gloves for spring weddings?

For guests, the unspoken rule is ‘anything but white,’ so our traditional selection of beige, rose, taupe and navy styles will keep you out of trouble. With plenty of material compositions, you could play with textures – a satin pair with a floral lace dress, a silk mousquetaire with a sleeveless tuxedo, velvet with silk styling, the options are limitless.

As for the conventional bride, your options are a little more niche – white, white and, well, a touch of ivory too. But that doesn’t mean you have to be limited entirely. With our many rich dimensions of lace, tulle and cotton, opting for a Cornelia James style serves as an exquisite extension of your bridal attire. And, in case you were wondering, glove etiquette rules state that you can wear precious jewellery over the top of your pair, so that should answer any questions you may have about your gold band. So, now that’s all cleared up, all that’s left to do is say ‘I do’ to your pair.

Spring Daytime Formals

The races, garden parties, tea parties – a daytime formal dress code may be slightly less glitzy than those evening invites, but that doesn't mean you can’t polish up a prim-and-proper ensemble. All you need is a little help from our handy collection of gloves for springtime events. Considering that you’re going to be basking under the midday sun, we’d recommend opting for a fabric that is both airy and easy to style. For example, our Swiss cotton styles will flourish in the daylight without wilting or clashing with any colour schemes. A balance of luxury and comfort, other daytime-appropriate options include silk and tulle – but it’s best to opt for neutral and warm tones, as the darker shades are typically reserved for after-dark mischief.

So, now that we’ve equipped you with our sartorial know-how, it’s time to RSVP to those events and prepare your answer to the question: ‘Exactly where are your gloves from?’