Silk Gloves

Our silk gloves are cut from the finest pure silk jersey and are handmade in our atelier in East Sussex. The effort and craftsmanship that goes into them will be seamless, just the way we like it, but they are the product of more than 100 inches of sewing. 
The silk jersey means that this fabric feels lovely and soft to wear as well as being the perfect finishing touch for any outfit - day or night. 
Our Desdemona and Theodora silk gloves are designed with a mousquetaire opening.  This is a buttoned opening on the inside of the wrist which allows the hand to be removed from the glove whilst leaving the sleeve of the glove on the arm. Traditionally, this was designed to enable the wearer to sit down to eat without having to take her gloves off. Today, of course, it's perfect to be able to slip your glove off to take a quick picture!
Our silk gloves can be worn day or night - from wedding and races to banquets and balls - crossing boundaries from elegance to understatement.
Learn more about How to make a Silk Glove over on our blog. 
Desdemona - Opera length pure silk glove with mousquetaire Regular price £140
Theodora - elbow length pure silk glove with mousequetaire Regular price £120
Giselle - short silk glove with bow Regular price £110



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