Lace Gloves

A collection of lace gloves handmade in England. Traditionally the wearing of lace was the preserve of the nobility and in many parts of Europe there were laws which governed exactly who was permitted to wear lace. French lace was particularly prized and, because of its high value relative to its mass, was extremely popular with smugglers. We buy our lace from a select few of the lace manufacturers who have resisted the move to China and still produce lace of the highest quality in France and in Austria, where they still use the traditional methods of working using nineteenth century looms and hand beading.

Lace, in all its guises from pristine white to vampish black, exists for the indulgence of whims and in our collection we hope you will find a lace glove for every occasion from a first communion to a late night assignation. We include here our gloves made from a fine net sourced in Switzerland which offers a perfect, more simple, alternative to lace.

Anastacia - Lace Glove Regular price £80
Serena - Long Lace Mitten Regular price £65
Zara - Lace Mitten Regular price £60
Arabella - Fine Net Glove Regular price £75
Nancy - Lace Glove Regular price £60
India - Fine Net Glove Regular price £65
Chloe - Lace Glove Regular price £75
Flora - Lace Glove - Floral Pattern Regular price £60
Ella - Lace Glove Regular price £66
Lily - Lace Glove Regular price £60
Virginia - Lace Glove Regular price £65
Lucinda - Lace Mitten Regular price £60