Cornelia James

Eliza | Lace Glove

Colour: Ivory
Glove Size:
Upper Arm Fit (inches)
Forearm Fit (inches)
Made in Sussex, England

Give a glove an inch and it will take 16. Our Eliza glove measures 16 inches from thumbseam to the top.

:: Lace from Sophie Hallette of Caudry, France :: Delicate arboreal pattern
If done carefully, on a delicate wash, these gloves can be machine washed. We recommend putting them in a 'delicates' bag to protect them. Take care not to overfill your tub and bear in mind that bows and trims are delicate.
  • 16 button length (more information)
  • Glove sizes, forearm fit & upper arm fit, see our guide for more information

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