How to choose your wedding gloves

Historically, gloves were a staple at any wedding. From bride to guest, from lace to cotton, everyone attending a wedding ceremony would have been dressed in a pair of wedding gloves. Indeed, out of respect, gloves were worn at most religious and traditional ceremonies, only removed when sitting down to eat.

Granted, some things are better left forgotten, but we don’t think that wedding gloves should be one of them. Today, wedding gloves are a personal choice - for some they will work, for some they will not - but there is no denying that they add an air of elegance and personal flare to your big day. It’s true, gloves are no longer ‘ordinary’ or an ‘expected’ accessory in the same way that they used to be, but who wants to be ‘ordinary’ on their wedding day?

If you do choose ‘to glove’ we aren’t here to tell you the ‘do's and dont's’—style is personal and so are gloves. We are here, however, to give you a few little pointers that might help you choose your perfect wedding gloves.

Our first point of call would be to think of the type of gown you are planning on wearing. While the length of a glove used to correspond to the formality of the occasion it's got a lot more now to do with the length of the sleeve on your dress, the basic idea being- the longer your sleeve, the shorter your glove (makes sense really).

For a Capped Sleeve Dress...

For capped or short sleeves, we'd opt for a middle ground - a finish just above the wrist will look beautiful. For this, our Lara or Zara gloves are perfect. Our Lucinda lace will add a delicate finish to any dress, while our Lara will beautifully complement a simpler dress. Note to self- be sure to choose a material that complements the fabric of your wedding dress. Lace is one of the most delicate and sought after bridal fabrics (much of our lace is sourced from the renowned lace-making house of Sophie Hallette) but if your dress is more intricately detailed our fine net gloves may be the way to go.

For a Strapless Dress…

A strapless or shoe-string strap dress means that you can afford to go all out with your wedding gloves. Our Arabella and Anastacia will be the perfect finish to any strapless ensemble, with their delicate, over the elbow finish. Finally, we've thrown in our Ariadne for the more adventurous brides out there- if you like an ostrich trim on your gloves, this one's for you.

For a Long Sleeve Dress... We understand that not everyone wants a 'fairy tale' wedding with lace, frills and the ball gown to match. Many, especially nowadays, are opting for a much simpler style but a more minimal style does not mean ruling out a beautiful pair of gloves. Opt for our India or Nancy gloves for a timeless, elegant look.

For the Ring Exchange...

There is a chance that if you're reading this you're still not sold on the idea of wedding gloves, and there is also a chance that this is due to the fear of a glove/wedding ring fiasco. There are so many questions to consider…is the ring meant to fit over the top of the glove? Do I take the glove off? What if the glove won’t come off? Never fear, Cornelia is here to lay your worries at rest. There need not be a panic at the altar, and there are many simple ways to exchange rings flawlessly while wearing a beautiful pair of wedding gloves.

  • Option one is to hand your left glove over to your maid of honour when you hand her your bouquet. While we’d recommend practising this one, it should cause you no problems on the big day if you stay calm and collected.
  • Option two is for the brides who wish to show off their flawless manicures. With fingerless gloves you can rest easy the night before the big day knowing that, while you may have the added air of elegance, you won’t have the added worry of a full glove.
  • Here, at Cornelia James, there is an option three - our traditional 'mousquetaire' Desdemona silk glove. Equipped with a delicate button opening on the inside of the wrist, our Desdemona is the perfect choice for any bride. Your hand can easily be slipped out of the silk for the ring exchange and the glove will be waiting for you on your wrist whenever you wish to pop it back on. Problem solved... Cornelia style.

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, wedding gloves are a reflection of your personal style and flare and no rule book can capture your individuality. Lace or silk, long or short, we're sure you'll look spectacular whatever the weather.

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