Cornelia James

Calypso | Duchess Satin Glove

Upper Arm Fit (inches)
Forearm Fit (inches)
Made in Sussex, England

Dance 'til the dawn breaks or just dream. Duchess satin with swarovski buttons, not just any satin glove.

Our Duchess Satin is a medium weight satin which brims with confidence. It has the glimmer of a fabric which knows how to capture moonbeams. It holds the promise, the allure of enchanted evenings and is guaranteed to unlock the mysteries of romance. We promise. And with just a touch of stretch for added comfort and wearability.
If you require this glove in a specific colour to match your outfit, our Duchess Satin can be dyed to achieve an excellent match with the colour you are looking for. Please contact us to arrange. Additionally, if you would like to see samples of our Duchess Satin in order to get a real-world view on the colour and handle, we can also arrange that.
  • 15 button length (more information)
  • Glove sizes, forearm fit & upper arm fit, see our guide for more information

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