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When Cornelia James arrived in England in 1939 as a refugee from Nazi occupied Vienna, she brought with her nothing but a suitcase and a steely determination to succeed. In 1947 the couturier Norman Hartnell asked her to make gloves to accessorise the Princess's going away outfit and in 1979 she became glovemaker ‘by appointment’ to Her Majesty the Queen.

Three generations later, the family business is still making gloves by hand in Sussex, England. Experience is measured in years, but success is marked in moments made special by great gloves.

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We put a lot into a pair of our gloves. Not least, 96 inches of stitching, each one executed with care and precision to make a glove fit to stand the test of time. One glovemaker fashions the glove from start to finish and - when it's done - they put their name to it. It's personal.

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What are the best gloves for summer?

What are the best gloves for summer?

Introducing: the Cornelia James summer guide to styling the biggest accessory of 2022. Whether you’re looking for elegant gloves for sun protection or a fabulous formal pair for endless balmy evenings, our Swiss and sueded cotton gloves will ensure your dearly begloved stays on hand throughout. So, without further ado, here’s how to bring your very favourite accessory from the depths of winter and out into the sunshine.
Cornelia James’ Most Iconic Moments

Cornelia James’ Most Iconic Moments

Throughout our journey, we've managed to catch the eye of many an A-lister, with a dazzling selection of names such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Zoe Kravitz, Ariana Grande and Joan Collins all appearing in CJ styles. We’ve also been an intrinsic part of some prestigious high fashion editorials across the globe, from the many territories of Vogue (rather fabulously including one September cover), and titles like W, Love, ELLE and i-D magazine. Of course royalty have also had their hand in our finery, with both the Duchess of Cambridge and HRH The Queen appearing in pieces from our collection. Here's some of our favourite moments to date.
Our guide to Daytime Formal gloves

Our guide to Daytime Formal gloves

Gloves are perfect for daytime formal - dressing up or dressing down - there are so many degrees of formality that can be achieved.

Brides & bridesmaids

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Company is born

“Design student flees Nazi scourge, arrives in England with suitcase full of fabrics, finds fame and fortune as glove maker to the Queen”.

Cornelia had studied art and design in Vienna and arrived in England as a refugee in 1939. After the war, in a world made drab by rationing, the leather gloves that she made in a huge range of colours became fashion essentials. Vogue magazine profiled her as “the colour Queen of England” and Cornelia quickly established a thriving business supplying gloves to couturiers and leading stores.

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Self Esteem | Vera Magazine, June 2022

Self Esteem | Vera Magazine, June 2022

This new artist is taking the London pop scene by storm...and bringing Cornelia James with her.
Georgia Toffolo | Hello! Magazine, June 2022

Georgia Toffolo | Hello! Magazine, June 2022

"I'm a great lover of tradition, so how could I not love the royal family?"
Designs of the Decades | Tatler Magazine, July 2022

Designs of the Decades | Tatler Magazine, July 2022

Tatler depicts the timelessness of gloves.

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