I live on the East Coast, USA. I have a passion for fashion and beauty. The hats and gloves made for the Queen inspired many designs for me. The article on Genevieve is a tribute to her mother and the excellent quality of her life.

CheryleG April 27, 2020

My Auntie was an outworker for Cornelia James in the 1950’s I can see her now sitting every afternoon stab stitching the gloves, some long evening gloves, never running stitch. I admired her patience and was fascinated especially when some of the gloves she made were for royalty.

Linda Ann Eardley March 23, 2020

How utterly charming and caring, is this lovely note from Mrs. Dora Brown. Describing a little time frame, in the early years of Cornelia James. How lovely to know a little more of the beautiful and precise Mrs.Cornelia James! Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Rebecca S. Marshall June 01, 2017

What a loving tribute to I am sure a very lovely lady.

Alexis Wright May 21, 2017

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