Something old, something new, something blue-Cornelia James

Something old, something new, something blue

Product featured: Desdemona | Silk Opera Glove with Mousquetaire
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Never be afraid to accessorise your gloves. Wear that bracelet that has been passed through the generations, or the ring you got for your 'something blue'. Gloves will never stop you from wearing jewellery, and Mariah @marzzyh is the perfect example of this.

Her 'Desdemona' silk gloves offer a blank canvas which emphasises the beauty of her jewellery. The gloves also feature a mousquetaire, meaning she can fold the hand of her glove away while keeping the sleeve on. 'Desdemona' is practical and absolutely elegant in every way.

Photos by @valoriedarling. Hair and makeup by @vanezzy_teamhairandmakeup  and @marial_teamhairandmakeup.