Changing of the Guard at Kensington Palace-Cornelia James

Changing of the Guard at Kensington Palace

Those who take an interest in such things will be aware that the Duchess of Cambridge’s long term personal assistant, Natasha Archer, has gone on maternity leave and the ‘stylist’ brief has been passed to Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey.
The Summer Scarf and 10 ways to wear it-Cornelia James

The Summer Scarf and 10 ways to wear it

The scarf has long been a staple fashion item which graces our wardrobe all year round. Heavy knits keep us warm in the winter while light silks brighten and lift our summer style. This diverse species of fashion accessory is versatile and timeless. From snug to chic the scarf is truly multi-talented. We notice this even more by the arrival of summer which is boldly strutting towards us as it sheds its winter coat.
Tribal Dressing: The Cheltenham Crowd | How to Nail It-Cornelia James

Tribal Dressing: The Cheltenham Crowd | How to Nail It

Starting off the season of social events, the Cheltenham Races are just around the corner. If you're going to be part of the Cheltenham crowd ('The Cheltenham Tribe'), it's time to start thinking about your perfect outfit. 
Gloves for occasions | the social calendar-Cornelia James

Gloves for occasions | the social calendar

If you're not accustomed to some of the more niche aspects of English social life, you may be wondering about some of the events and occasions, and why gloves are an essential companion for these events. Many of these events were once exclusive and arcane but have now expanded and are as much an opportunity to celebrate tradition as they are a display of fashion. But don't panic - we've got you covered on how to fit the gloves to the occasion, and how to get the look just right.
Disaster narrowly avoided | April 1999-Cornelia James

Disaster narrowly avoided | April 1999

In preparation for the Queen’s visit to Korea, Buckingham Palace order a dozen pairs of white cotton gloves. The gloves are despatched. On the eve of Her Majesty’s departure Cornelia James receives an anguished (note – ‘anguished’ not ‘panicked’ – the Palace never panics) call from Buckingham Palace: the gloves have not arrived. Cornelia James reels and then rallies. Replacement gloves are found but – late on Saturday evening – delivery is a problem. As dawn breaks on Sunday – the day of the Queen’s departure – Andrew Lawson, Genevieve James’ husband, leaps heroically into the saddle of his powerful motorbike and roars off in the direction of London and the Palace. On arrival it emerges that London is in lockdown for the London marathon and the Palace is in the centre of an exclusion zone, ringed by a thin blue line of police. 
Where to Buy 'Mother of the Bride' Dresses-Cornelia James

Where to Buy 'Mother of the Bride' Dresses

For some 'Mother of the Bride' is the role of a lifetime. They relish the organisation, the months of build up and the giddy excitement. The dresses, the cake, the endless decision making... 
Top 50 First Dance Songs-Cornelia James

Top 50 First Dance Songs

For some couples, choosing the 'first dance' song might be the easiest choice in the world. For some, however, we're sure it can be a little bit overwhelming. There are a whole lotta songs out there and it can be tricky to think of that one that means something special for you.... Well, whether you're lacking inspiration, want to know which overused wedding tunes to avoid, or whether you just fancy a little romance to brighten up a rainy day... here are the top 50 first dance songs according to Spotify. From Ed Sheeran (we're sure you guessed that one), to the Arctic Monkeys, these are the songs that are getting lovers all over the world dancing.     We can assure you that each and every pair of our wedding gloves are suited to dancing the night away. Take a look here.
How to Care for your Cashmere-Cornelia James

How to Care for your Cashmere

Whether it’s a cashmere scarf for those cooler Summer evenings, or whether it’s your favourite cashmere jumper, cashmere is one of those fabrics that we all just can’t seem to get enough of.
Top 10 London Gardens-Cornelia James

Top 10 London Gardens

The top 10 London gardens for the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Don't get us wrong, we love summer in London. We love a London pub or Hyde Park on a sunny day. But, we sometimes long for the cool spaces of the countryside when the heat gets too much. So how does a girl find a way to combine the best of both worlds?