Where to Buy 'Mother of the Bride' Dresses

For some 'Mother of the Bride' is the role of a lifetime. They relish the organisation, the months of build up and the giddy excitement. The dresses, the cake, the endless decision making... 
For others, this isn't quite their idea of heaven. With the approach of the wedding comes the day that many women dread - Shopping for the dress. No, not that dress, your dress! You'll be in the spotlight too and that can bring a feeling of excitement or a slight feeling of anxiety... verging on total panic.
We totally understand - it can be very intimidating taking the first steps into that dreaded world of dresses but don't lose your cool... We're here to give you some helpful ports of call.
We're not here to tell you what to wear and we're definitely not here to tell you what not to wear, (down with all this 'dressing your age' nonsense, we say have fun with it!), but here is a list of a few of our favourites. 
 Do you go subtle or stand out? Now that bit is up to you... 


1) Phase Eight 

A High Street staple, but don't be fooled into writing it off - Phase Eight's selection of dresses is pretty great, with silhouettes that are flattering and never frumpy. 




2) Monsoon 

Because why should a Mother of the Bride have to stick to muted tones? Monsoon's collection offers some colourful options for that MOB who's looking to stand out. 


3) Hobbs

 For more traditional silhouettes, Hobbs is a good port of call and their 'Mother of the Bride' shop edit makes it much easier to put your look together. 


4) LK Bennet 

At the top end of the High Street stores we have LK Bennet- If you are willing to splash out a little bit and looking for a label with a little extra something, then LK Bennet is for you. 




5) Coast

This is one for those looking for a 'younger' look. Strapless numbers and jumpsuits are sure to catch the attention of everyone in the room. 


6) Gestuz 

Gestuz describe themselves as 'elegantly navigating the space between understated, relaxed chic and directional statement pieces...' and we couldn't agree more... 


7) Anne Furbank

Anne Furbank prides herself on Mother of the Bride outfits so it seems like a pretty good place to start. The philosophy is to 'find something that fits you, the event and above all makes you feel really special.' Sounds good to us!





8) John Charles 

A beautiful selection of outfits, perfect for any Mother of the Bride to slip into. Find your nearest stockist here


9) Fely Campo 

We'd call these dresses 'tradition with a twist' - the different silhouettes are sure to turn heads... 



10) Bombshell HQ

Katya Wildman's Bombshell is a personal favourite of ours (Not least because the dresses look beautiful with gloves) but their silhouette is flattering on all shapes and sizes. These are the dresses championed by Nigella Lawson and, let's be honest, who wouldn't want to look like her!


While we're on the subject of gloves... We think it's worth noting that so many of these looks could be finished off with a beautiful pair of gloves. But, hey, don't just take it from us... why not take a peek for yourself... 


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