Wedding Gloves

Weddings were made for gloves. Whether you’re the bride and want to enhance the elegance of an off the shoulder dress or a guest wanting to fine tune the impact of your outfit, gloves will provide the answer.

If you’re wearing a big statement hat, why would you not wear gloves? If you’re not a hat person, gloves provide an easy way to demonstrate that you’ve dressed up. Gloves turn any event into an occasion. For tips on How to Choose your Wedding Gloves see our Blog

Looking for something specific? Drop us an email at to find out more about our bespoke gloves. 

Nancy - Lace Glove Regular price £60
Moira - Short Lace Glove Regular price £65
Lily - Lace Glove Regular price £60
Lucinda - Lace Mitten Regular price £60
Virginia - Lace Glove Regular price £65
Belinda - Short Lace Mitten Regular price £65
Angélique - Net Glove with Bow Regular price £95
Arabella - Fine Net Glove Regular price £75
Lara - Net Glove Regular price £95
India - Fine Net Glove Regular price £65
Desdemona - Opera length pure silk glove with mousquetaire Regular price £140
Giselle - short silk glove with bow Regular price £110