To work out your ski mitten size, wrap a tape measure around your hand, excluding the thumb. The result, in inches, is your glove size. Our ski mittens are size S / M / L so please use the below table to convert.

Ski Mitten Size Inches Centimetres
Women Small 6 15.2
Women Small
Women Medium
7 17.8
Women Medium
Women Large / Men Small
8 20.3
Women Large / Men Small
Men Medium 9 22.9
Men Medium
9½ 24.1
Men Large 10 25.4
Men Large
10½ 26.7


How to guess someone's size

If you are buying gloves for someone and don't know their glove size (or don't want to ruin the surprise), their height can give a clue to their most likely glove size. Please note, this is statistically most likely but won't be correct 100% of the time! Please use the chart below (currently applies to women only)


Most likely glove size

Under 5'1"
5'1" to 5'6" 7
5'7" to 5'8"
5'9" to 5'11" 8
Above 6'