The Cornelia James possum lined ski mitten promises ‘No more cold hands, ever’. In a mitten your fingers are cosily moshed up together  and there is less external surface area allowing naturally generated warmth to escape.

The possum comes from New Zealand where it is regarded as a pest which is steadily munching its way through the available flora. The fur of the possum is composed of very fine, hollow strands, trapping air and providing excellent insulation, an attribute shared with the polar bear. Polar bears don’t feel the cold and nor, in our possum lined mittens, will your hands.

In between the possum and the leather outer shell is a P355 membrane and the leather outer itself is made from Pittard’s own WR100x. WR100Xis part of the tanning process - the benefits are permanent - not just coated on - making the gloves extremely water resistant without impairing their natural breathability.