Anastasia Grigoruk | The Indestructible Lee Miller-Cornelia James

Anastasia Grigoruk | The Indestructible Lee Miller

Dive into the history of 'The Indestructible Lee Miller' but first pick your cotton gloves like Anastasia. You can't read without wearing your favourite gloves. Why would you anyway?

Lee Miller was a fashion icon, a surrealist and a war correspondent. 'Her life was a dazzling reflection of a multifarious century'. In her home in East Sussex (which -imagine that!- is very close to where we are located), 60,000 negatives and prints reveal everything we need to know about the fashion muse who joined the surrealists – and shook up photojournalism with her shots. The website calls these images NSBs (meaning Never Seen Befores), and they consist of Miller's photos of artists, portraits she did for Vogue, the siege of St Malo, the Liberation of Paris, the fighting in Luxembourg and Alsace, the Russian/American link up at Torgau, the liberation of Buchenwald and Dachau, Hitler's house. Confused? Read about the woman who was a fashion muse, a surrealist and a photographer - probably the only woman combat photo-journalist to cover the front line war in Europe.

Don't let history forget Lee Miller. And don't forget your gloves either.