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Joan Collins in our 'Arabella' and 'Hermione' gloves for W Magazine, December 2018. Styled by Simon Robins and photographed by Angelo Pennetta. 
In 1955, when a shy 22-year-old actress named Joan Collins arrived in Hollywood from London to begin her contract with 20th Century Fox, she had some pressing concerns. One was how to avoid appearing star-struck during lunch at the studio commissary, where, on her first day, she spotted Lana Turner, Richard Burton, Susan ­Hayward, and Robert Wagner.

Collins also worried about how she would fare after her ingenue years were over: Would she become a respected leading lady like her idols Vivien Leigh and Margaret Leighton? Or would she end up alone in an old-actors’ home, poring over yellowed clippings about movies that nobody remembered, if they’d seen them in the first place?
Today it’s clear that her concerns have eased. 
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