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The falling leaves, the melancholic feeling of a summer well-spent, the hazy colours, pumpkin spice lattes, the colour of rust and cinnamon, apple pies - all these things are associated with autumn. But what really makes autumn feel like autumn is the sweater weather. You have cosy knits and puffer coats and wooly hats. There are tights and scarves and gloves. Autumn has inspired painters, poets, writers and directors. We hope our gloves inspire you.

They are really not just about keeping warm. You want to be winter ready and gloves are here to help you get a grip on your style. Your wardrobe suddenly becomes a source of adventure and comfort, our merino wool takes over. And how could it not? The Merino wool collection has always been close to our hearts and gloves made of this fabric do everything that a glove should do - complement whatever you're wearing, complete the picture, make you feel good about the World and put a spring in your step. 'Cornelia' is one of those gloves.