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Ava Elderwood | How to mix neutral colours

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The secret to mixing and matching neutral colours is in the shades. Ava puts together a very harmonious for the autumn/winter season outfit mixing two classics — grey and camel. She combines the soft camel of her coat with our darker grey 'Mòrag' cashmere gloves and adds a little splash of colour with her red lipstick. 
Camel coats are a staple for any wardrobe, never truly going out of fashion and can lend the wearer a definite sense of style. The best colours to be in tune with colder weather and complete a chic camel look originate from a more neutral palette. While brown is generally a warmer tone and grey a cooler one, the key is to provide enough contrast. Because both colours have so many shades, it's easy to create a classic, yet fashion-forward look without it all looking muddy. 
If you are still unsure about the combination try and add some texture to create contrast. The closer the grey and brown are together in colour and the less contrast there is, the more pom-poms allowed.