Air France Madame | January 2020-Cornelia James

Air France Madame | January 2020

Product featured: Nancy | Lace Glove
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In Air France Madame January issue, Paris is revealed through the lens of Gianluca Fontana. From Concorde to Pigalle, tulle, silk or lace, dress or trousers, fluid and sensual pieces mix elegance with radicalism. The best place for our 'Nancy' gloves to shine. Styled by Claire Dhelens for the indulgence of Parisian whims. Que la fête commence.
A budding musician takes our 'Nancy' gloves out for a night on the town, full of music, dancing and the buzz of nightlife in Paris. Romance is always on the table for those listening to her sweet serenade in the City of (G)love.