Sustainable Sophistication | Vulkan Magazine, December 2020

Gorgeous Caitlyn Mwenifumbo @bby_cai in our 'Hermione' gloves - duchess satin never looked better. Photographed by Eric Larokk @ericlarokk and styled by Ambika "B" Sanjana @styledbyambika.

When life comes at you fast, it is important to have the essentials on hand to complete every look. Stepping out of the car, Caitlyn makes sure to grab her 'Hermione' gloves just in time for the cameras. She may be wearing long sleeves, but that doesn't mean she can't flaunt these dazzling champagne evening gloves - she knows exactly how to use them!

Worn on the arm as a statement piece or simply posed with, the 'Hermione' gloves' adaptability is sure to turn heads. This graceful pair completely light up even the darkest of nights.