The Summer Scarf and 10 ways to wear it

The scarf has long been a staple fashion item which graces our wardrobe all year round. Heavy knits keep us warm in the winter while light silks brighten and lift our summer style. This diverse species of fashion accessory is versatile and timeless. From snug to chic the scarf is truly multi-talented. We notice this even more by the arrival of summer which is boldly strutting towards us as it sheds its winter coat.

While most of our winter wear retreats into hibernation the scarf, however, is reborn! Heavy knits are reincarnated into light silks, soft wool is replaced with cotton and cashmere as the scarf makes itself at home around our necks once again. Cornelia James has launched a collection of signature silk scarves inspired by the English summer, the dancing flowers of the British countryside and the brand founder herself Cornelia. 
Take a look at the collection and 10 ways to wear them.

1. The Basic Loop

The basic loop is a simple way to show off the print, texture and colours of your oblong summer scarf. Place the scarf behind your neck with one side hanging slightly lower than the other. Take the longest hanging side and loop from the front of your neck around to the back. Loop the scarf all the way so it is snug around your neck and let the rest of the material hang.

2. The Wrap Around

For a smart casual way to show off your summer scarf try the wrap around. Easy to tie for both oblong and square scarfs. Fold the square in half and roll the wider end towards the smaller until it is halfway. Simply hang the scarf over your shoulders and tie the ends in a knot. Voila!

3. The French Knot

For a flirty and feminine way to model floral oblongs try the French knot. Fold the scarf so that it is halved in width.  Place the scarf on the front of the neck and let it hang over your shoulders onto your back. Tie in a knot, adjust to the side and tie again. Voilla!

 4. The European Loop

The European loop is a popular and easy way to tie your summer scarf. This style works well with any size oblong, pashminas, long linen and slim silk chiffon scarves. Fold the oblong in half length ways, drape around the neck.  Pull one end of the scarf through the loop of the folded end. Adjust to suit.

5. The Bow

The bow is the perfect style for a fun and feminine way to model your summer scarf. A great look for printed florals. Loop the scarf around the neck twice. Hold each end and simply tie into a bow. Adjust to preferred length. A great way to dress up a simple look. A loose tie for a casual style or a tight bow for a more sophisticated look.

6. The Ascot Knot

Get ready for the races with the ascot knot. Fold the oblong scarf in half length ways. Hang from the back of the neck. Bring the folded end in front of the other end. Pass it underneath and then lift up and pull through back to the front. Adjust the length to suit. A neat way to wear a larger summer scarf which looks great with a smart jacket.

7. The Western Neck

To achieve the perfect cowgirl chic without the hassle of the horse the western neck is the perfect style. Fold the scarf in half into a triangle. Place the triangle in front of the neck. Bring both ends back to the front. Tie a knot and tuck into under the scarf to hide it.

8. The London Knot

This look will walk you across streets of London. From Kensington to Camden this knot is sharp and smart.  Fold the scarf in half into a triangle. Place the triangle in front of the neck. Bring both ends back to the front. Tie a sharp knot.

9. The French Twist

Take your London knot to Paris with the French twist. Turn heads on the Eurostar with a subtle knot to the side. Ooh la la. Fold this summer scarf in half into a triangle. Place the triangle in front of the neck. Bring both ends back to the front. Tie a sharp knot and adjust to the side for the perfect Parisian style.

10. The Classic Loop

Keep it simple with the classic loop. Quick to tie and stylish to wear. Sometimes less is more.  Fold this summer scarf in half into a triangle. Place the triangle in front of the neck. Bring both ends back to the front. Pull each side to adjust length and style.


Thanks for posting this, some people think that the scarf are for fall/winter only. I used to wear the light ones in spring and summer too. Love your great ideas how to wear them.

Maria June 12, 2019

Just purchased the Blue Leonora sunspec scarf. There will be more to follow!

Susan Robinson March 26, 2019

You are wearing a lovely scarves, We are manufacturer and surveying what kinds of scarves women love. Thanks for the lovely post.

Prince Textile Mills January 30, 2019

Love these ideas – great reminder that scarfs are for summer too!

Kelly August 28, 2018

I love these ideas! Always thought scarves shouldn’t be worn in summer, but now I know I can!

Eileen E Alholinna June 27, 2018

You didn’t show my favorite way to wear a long scarf. Around my neck and hanging down in front with end meeting and held together with a little 3-ring scarf holder. I don’t want something up around my neck, esp. in hot weather.

Emilie D LaFave June 17, 2018

I adore the silk red sunglasses scarf. I have a huge sunglasses collection and this has been the missing link. It’s fabulous! Thank you!

Nancy Jo Flint June 17, 2018

Thank you for these ideas of scarf tying – some new ones there.
And the scarves look delicious!

Lesley Shaw September 14, 2017

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