I always enjoy seeing what Kate is wearing , especially with her children. Kate always looks elegant and very comfortable with herself, very confident!!

Charlene November 06, 2020

I like that the Duchess wore a coat with obvious signs of the coat having had alterations. Too often we toss very good pieces of clothing aside when an adjustment here or there will do. When we buy good things they should last for a very long time and even perhaps be passed along to someone else. Good for her setting such a good example in such a throw away, cheaply made world.

Susan November 06, 2020

The change, for me at any rate, really came to light recently comparing her look with young Prince George at his first polo match and the most recent polo match with all three royal children. She went from jeans, a striped top and moccasins to the beautiful ensemble she wore more recently. Chasing three young children, she still managed to look flawless.

Billie Garrett August 13, 2019

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