Leather Gloves

Leather is Nature’s gift to the glove maker. Its natural elasticity and recovery allows the hand to pass through the narrow part of the glove and then for the glove to reform around the hand and wrist to its original, close fitting shape. It is the glove cutter’s skill in selecting the right piece of leather for each different part of the glove and then preparing the leather so that it retains exactly the right amount of elasticity that makes for a perfect leather glove. It is a lengthy, costly process and there is no scope for short cuts or half measures. However, a good leather glove should retain its shape and definition for decades and easily repay the initial investment.

For dress gloves, only the best leather will do and ours comes from Pittards, the doyen of gloving leather, and some selected tanneries in Italy, where there is a centuries long tradition of tanning. Leather is naturally robust and durable - well able to withstand the daily knockabout of life. The primary rule is that, if your leather gloves get wet, you allow them to dry in their own time and never apply an external source of heat. From time to time a little conditioning cream, sparingly applied, will keep your gloves supple and bright.

For a complete guide of how to care for your leather gloves, visit our blog to find out more

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