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How To Choose Your Bridal Gloves

The Wedding Glove: where do we even begin? We know how much you have to consider on a day as special as this, which is why we’ve established a guide on how pick the perfect gloves for your perfect day. Whether you’re after a classic satin white opera glove or a simple lace mitten, Cornelia James has a wide-range made to suit your bridal style. Trust us: you’re in good hands.

The Bridal Glove: where do we even begin? We know how much you have to consider on a day as special as this, which is why we’ve established a guide on how to pick the perfect gloves for your perfect day. Whether you’re after a classic satin white opera glove or a simple lace mitten, Cornelia James has a wide-range made to suit your bridal style. Trust us: you’re in good hands.


A brief note on materials

Before we begin, let us discuss a few basic ‘rules’ to follow when choosing the right gloves to go with your dress.

We recommend:

Silk Gloves for Satin Dresses, Satin Gloves for Silk Dresses

Our pure silk material is soft and matte, which compliments a glossier, satin gown. Conversely, satin gloves with a silk dress add just the right amount of sheen to add a touch of glimmer to the look. Choosing gloves with the right amount of contrast allows for both gloves and dress to speak for themselves and stand out in equal measure.

It is also important to note our most popular material for wedding gloves: pure ivory silk. Ivory silk is a good ‘neutral’ combination for a traditional wedding dress, as it is complimentary to most materials and colours.

Tulle and Lace

We love spicing up a look with a bit of texture at Cornelia James. If you want to add a little extra fun to a simple satin or silk gown, or perhaps coordinate with an already lacy or shimmery ensemble, both tulle and lace are wonderfully versatile additions to your look.

Long/Medium Gloves

The long, ivory satin or silk glove is perhaps the most loved and most traditional glove-of-choice for the bride. Cornelia James has a beautiful collection of long gloves, which range in material, and will undoubtably pair perfectly with the new, custom or vintage dress of your dreams.

We recommend:

The 16bl, ivory silk Desdemona with mousquetaire for the classic, strapless ball gown. A mousquetaire is a three-buttoned opening allowing for the hand portion of the glove to be removed and tucked into the sleeve, which is ideal for the ring exchange. Desdemona gloves are perfection all year round.

For a sunny spring ceremony, we’d go for the cool, duchess satin, 16bl Hermione. These go well with sheath to a-line gowns, and spaghetti or single-straps. The Hermione does not include a mousquetaire, and can therefore be handed over to your Maid of Honour during the ring exchange (along with the bouquet).

Finally, one of our most popular wedding gloves: the pure silk Theodora with mousquetaire in ivory. At 12bl, Theodora is a glove which can be dressed up or down, and is complementary to a variety of different sleeve lengths. It also comes in several colours, just in case you’re inspired to add a pop of colour to your bridal look.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that wearing white on your wedding day has not always been en vogue? It was, in fact, Queen Victoria who set the trend in 1840 with her a-line silhouetted lace number. Victorians were enamoured by the dress and attempted to emulate it by wearing white in kind. White also appeared best on early film photographs, which rose to popularity around this same time, and further immortalised the trend.

Many of the wedding dresses worn today do not stray far from the queen’s original look. This being said, trendsetters predict that the times are a’changing when it comes to wedding dress colour. Indeed, in many parts of the world, it has never been custom to wear a white dress; many other colours have held symbolic ties to wedding ceremonies in places such as China, where brides where red (which symbolises happiness and luck).

Short gloves

The less-traditional yet ever classic 2bl wedding glove rose to popularity in the 1940’s, and remains popular today. 2bl gloves go well with draping gowns, as well as less-formal, or non-traditional wedding attire, which makes them a particularly popular choice for those who are looking to add a twist to tradition.

We recommend:

The tulle Angelique with bow for a capped or short sleeve gown. The light and airy feeling of the material also makes this glove ideal for a summer wedding. A bit of retro and a lot of fun, these glove are the perfect compliment to your unique wedding style.

If you’re going for a long-sleeved dress or a fabulous one-piece, the duchess satin Penelope might be just the glove you’re looking for. The satin—which comes in eight different colours—allows for this sensible glove to shimmer when it needs to. It also includes a petite bow, which is tucked sweetly to the side. Penelope be easily paired with a wedding dress, as well as a Sunday best. Fashionable and functional.

A mixture of textures, the Elena tulle glove with satin cuff is particularly unique. The combination of tulle and satin affords this glove unexpected versatility; however, we love Elena with a classic suit, a small bouquet and a sweet little veil.

Fun Fact:

The wedding dress was exchanged for a simpler, two-piece suit during wartime. Wedding suits and dresses worn by women of this era were seldom purchased for the occasion; rather, women often wore simply the ‘best’, most presentable garments in their wardrobe. These were paired with shorter gloves, which were also commonplace items of clothing in the period.

Textured Gloves

If you’re tying the knot outdoors in the summertime but still in the market for a long, lovely glove, tulle might just be the option for you. Light, breezy and chic, these neutral gloves appeal to youthful spirits, and put a contemporary touch on the classic 16bl. Plus, with tulle gloves, you have the freedom to choose whether to wear your rings underneath or on top of the glove.

We recommend:

For a seaside ceremony, we love the 16bl, tulle Lucrezia glove with mousquetaire. This glove comes in ivory, white and black, and looks fabulous with less structured and less formal dresses.

Conversely, perhaps for a picnic wedding, you might consider the tulle Arabella glove. It, too, is 16bl; however, it is sans-mousquetaire, which creates a fine, classically smooth line from arm to dress. We love this length paired with strapless dresses and dramatic skirts.

The Wedding Party

Cornelia James’s gloves are never boring and always tailored to your precise needs. We believe the details are what make our gloves so special, so for your wedding day, choosing the right pair for you and your wedding party—all the way down to the embellishments—is something we don’t take lightly.

Our gloves come with accompanying bows, buttons, crystals, and lace patterns, which might be just the fine touch you’re looking for when it comes to the wedding party.

We recommend:

A smoky rose duchess satin Melody for the bridesmaids and/or flower girls. We love the ‘tutu’ cuff on this glove, and the Swarovski crystals add an ever-charming sparkle. Imagine the light catching these lovely gloves as your girls walk down the aisle.

For a more casual, springtime wedding, the white tulle India. This glove is extremely versatile, and thus an absolute gem for bridesmaids who opt to wear their own dresses. The matching gloves—with a sweet bow on the cuff—will no doubt complete your mis-en-scene.

Mother of the Bride and Groom

Don’t think we’ve forgotten the most important guests of all. No matter how traditional or untraditional your wedding may, the mothers involved will no doubt be needing a classy pair of gloves to complete their looks.

We recommend:

The pure, sueded cotton Francesca glove with points. Understated and sophisticated, this elegant, 8bl glove is a happy-medium length, and goes well with a dress with a shawl draped elegantly over the shoulders.

A pure silk Giselle (which comes in several different colours) is classic and smart. The 2bl makes this glove an easy match for all sleeve lengths and dress shapes. We love this glove with a feminine, fitted jacket and skirt combination.

Remarrying and Vow Renewal

Remarrying and vow renewal alike are both celebrations of love we don’t want to go unmentioned. No matter what the occasion may be, a pair of fantastic handmade gloves to go along with your outfit will undoubtably make the day an extra special memory.

We recommend:

Make a statement with Ariadne: a duchess satin 16bl with an ostrich feather cuff at the upper arm. These gloves are fit for a princess, and go particularly well with a sleek, sleeveless sheath dress. They are also excellent for black tie ceremonies.

Another eye-catching glove, 15bl, duchess satin Calypso is our dancing queen. With Swarovski crystals lining the arm, the glove is sure to make a mark on the day of your celebration, and looks charming when worn with an array of colours. We love this glove with a thin strapped ballgown.

Of course, nobody can put you or your style in a corner. Whatever you choose for your day, we are absolutely certain, will be positively fabulous.


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