There comes a moment in everybody’s year when you’ve had enough of summer living and you just want to relish the feel of wool against the skin. That moment has arrived and gloves are an ideal way to welcome the very beginning of winter. No need to rug up just yet - gloves are all that is needed to keep the hint of chillier days at bay.

Merino Wool

If you are longing for wool, Merino is perfect. Merino wool is a very fine, long fibre wool so that it has all the characteristics of wool without being at all ‘woolly’. Lightweight but warm, smooth and a complete joy to wear.

Leather & Suede

The traditional winter glove - leather for practicality, suede for indulgence - in a wealth of styles and a blaze of colours, lined in silk or cashmere.


Hand combed from the underfleece of goats grazing on the Mongolian Steppe, cashmere is one of life’s true luxuries - very soft, very warm and very stylish.

Sueded Cotton

Our Sueded Cotton gloves are classic ‘three season’ gloves, perfect for all but the coldest conditions. The cotton is very lightly brushed to raise the nap and give a ‘sueded’ feel to the glove.