Our cashmere is combed from the underfleece of goats that graze on the Tibetan plateau and then transported 6000 miles to Scotland and the shores of Loch Leven to be dyed and spun; a luxury, an indulgence - perfect for giving or to be given. Our cashmere gloves are carefully cut and sewn by hand in exactly the same way as all our other gloves to make a glove that flatters the hand and fits like a glove should fit. To be perfectly clear, a great many cashmere gloves are knitted on a machine; they will fit you where they touch you and you can wear either glove on either hand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this (it may even be convenient) but, if you want a glove that is made to fit your hand and cut to size, you need a traditional cut and sewn glove. And - just when you thought it couldn't get any better - we've added a touchscreen friendly version; pure silver coated thread, hand embroidered little stars to provide that all important touch of conductivity between you and your phone.