Our 'Anastacia' in the Fine Art Photography Awards-Cornelia James

Our 'Anastacia' in the Fine Art Photography Awards

Product featured: Anastacia | Guante de ópera de encaje
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Our 'Anastacia' gloves in ivory, photographed by Jacqulyn Hamilton. 
A talented photographer, Jacqulyn takes brand photos for our website and Instagram. These photos, however, are for her own mesmerising project, for which she was nominated an award for the fashion section of the Fine Art Photography Awards. We are so proud!
These ingènu twins have been transformed into ethereal creatures, reminiscent of the Rococo period with a high fashion twist. Their 'Anastacia' gloves help create their innocent aura with their delicate-looking ivory lace. Their neutral style really brings out the colours the Rococo period is known for. Though neutral, however, the intricacy of their dresses and gloves is also a feature of this period. Jacqulyn clearly understood exactly what she was doing with this shoot, and it is no surprise she was nominated for an award!