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Paola Cossentino | Regina Sueded Cotton glove

Product featured: Regina | Guante de día de algodón afelpado
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Gorgeous @paola_cossentino chooses our 'Regina' pure sueded cotton glove for her every day walks in the city. Paola gracefully demonstrates the versatility of these gloves, which provide a subtle but transformative touch of elegance to today's trends. The 'Regina' glove is not exclusive to fancy balls and banquets. Rather, Paola has flawlessly styled hers in line with street fashion, meaning these gloves are even perfect for a simple walk in the city.
This is a wonderful example of the power of a great glove; we believe it is essential that this power is evident in not only how you look, but also how you feel. Here, Paola takes the city exuding a definite air of confidence and power, and it looks incredible on her! These classic-styled gloves compliment every outfit without overshadowing your unique sense of style. Looking and feeling fantastic should be an every day pleasure - not merely an occasional indulgence.