Royal Warrant | 1979-Cornelia James

Royal Warrant | 1979

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We are glove manufacturers by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. Our association with the Queen goes back to 1947 when Norman Hartnell, who had been asked to make the young Princess' going away outfit following her marriage to Prince Philip, asked Cornelia to make the gloves that she would wear.

In 1979 we were granted a Royal Warrant and have held it ever since. 

The Royal Warrant is not a prize but rather a recognition of excellence consistently achieved – not least because the Warrant has to be renewed every five years. Warrant holding companies range in size from the very large to the very small - like us - and the Royal Warrant is a mark of British excellence which is recognised all over the World.

The Queen has a style which is beyond fashion. An abiding memory of a Royal visit is the gloved hand waving at the window of the great black car and we are proud to have provided the glove on so many occasions.

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