We wanted, in the space of 60 seconds, to show a little of what goes into the making of a pair of gloves.

At one level it's about great material and the application of skill and specialised machinery in a process that is repeated time and again through each day. But, in fact, there is a lot more to it than that and much of it is to do with what separates craftsmanship from manufacturing.

It is not without emotion. There is something about the sound of good scissors going through fabric, the snick of a bobbin going home, the hypnotic quality of deft needlework that speaks of confidence. Tension builds as the Pfaff buttonhole machine, built in Germany in 1955, clatters through its routine. There is relief when the blade produces, as it must, a short, sharp chop at precisely the right moment.

The machines chatter away and all is good; we are in the groove. There is repetition but nothing is routine - every pair is special and somebody will put their name to it.