Pittards WR100X Performance Leather-Cornelia James

Pittards WR100X Performance Leather

Pittards have been tanning leather in Yeovil, England, since 1826 and have been at the forefront of tanning innovation since then. So when were searching for leather for our ski mittens, it wasn't a hard choice. WR100X Performance Leather is comprised of the highest grade Ethiopian hairsheep (known as "Cabretta") with treatment deeply embedded during the tanning process to make a leather which is durable, water resistant and highly breathable while drying quickly and remaining supple.
About Possum Fur-Cornelia James

About Possum Fur

Our mittens are lined with 100% pure New Zealand possum fur. Why possum? In New Zealand the possum is regarded as a pest because there is no natural predation and  the growing possum population is steadily munching its way through the available flora and fauna. The fur of the possum is composed of very fine, very soft strands of hair, each of them hollow, trapping air and providing excellent insulation. This is an attribute that the possum shares with the polar bear. Polar bears don’t feel the cold and nor, in our possum lined mittens, will you