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Marie | Cashmere Lined Quilted Leather Glove
Sale priceR 4,549.00
Emilie | Classic Leather Glove
Sale priceR 3,232.00
Esmée | Suede Glove with Leather Trim
Sale priceR 3,950.00
Clementine | Merino Wool Glove with Faux Fur Trim
Sale priceR 4,310.00
Adeline | Leather Driving Glove
Sale priceR 3,232.00
Màiri | Cashmere Glove
Sale priceR 3,711.00
Françoise | Leather Glove with a Button Cuff Link
Sale priceR 4,190.00
Clémence | Leather Glove with 2 Points
Sale priceR 5,267.00
Beatrice | Merino Wool Glove
Sale priceR 3,232.00


Presentation box

Every pair of gloves is delivered with care, wrapped within our premium gift box and accompanied by a handwritten note. It doesn't get more personal than that.

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