Merino wool is absolutely everything that you would want wool to be except 'woolly' and that means that we can make really fine, really soft and really warm gloves in a 'couture' type of fabric. Warm hands have never been so stylish. The wool of the Merino sheep is very fine, so that the yarn spun from it is soft, and it is a 'long fibre' wool, which makes it exceptionally durable. There is no better fabric for gloves. It even has a natural give and take, like leather, which makes for beautifully fitting gloves. These are the 'do anything, go anywhere' gloves. If you're thinking of investing in your first pair of 'proper' gloves, you couldn't pick a better pair and if you already have a drawerful of gloves, you'll wonder how you managed without these. Our Merino wool gloves are the classiest wool gloves around. Cornelia herself introduced this fabric back in the 70s and it's just as relevant now as it was then. That's the mark of a true classic.