Our Promise-Cornelia James

Our Promise

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After the Second World War, goods of all types were in short supply and heavily rationed. The Land Rover came with aluminium (not rationed) body parts and in any colour that you liked as long as it was green in order to use up all the wartime paint that was sloshing around - in particular the 'light cockpit green' paint that was used on wartime aircraft interiors.

Cornelia's gloves required the surrender of two precious ration coupons (as opposed to seven for a dress) and, available in an array of colours, offered a ready means of spicing up outfits that had seen the rigours of war. 

The Land Rover - proudly painted in light cockpit green - was very much a utility vehicle - a far cry from the 'Chelsea tractors' of today - and gloves, too, were a commodity rather than a luxury. If you nipped out to buy a bottle of milk (rationed to 2 pints per person per week), you'd put on a pair of gloves.

Over the years the Land Rover, in all its incarnations, has been tested to near destruction in every clime and country, as have our gloves; balls, banquets, parties, state occasions, weddings, even - a special mention - the reeling at the Summer Ball at the Caledonian Club.

There is something indestructibly British about the hum that emanates from the differential of a Series l Land Rover and the cut of a good pair of gloves from Cornelia James offers just the same reassurance. 

Land Rovers aren't guaranteed for life and neither are our gloves. But they are built to last and we stand right behind them. They symbolise a style that endures and they will come to you in a box coloured 'light cockpit green'. If you ever encounter a problem with your Cornelia James gloves, send them back to us and we'll do whatever we can. We promise.