For our gloves between 7 - 10 BL, we take a measurement for your forearm fit to ensure a comfortable To take your forearm fit 

For our longer gloves, we take a measurement for your arm fit to ensure the glove has a correct and flattering fit. This is the circumference of your arm, where the glove ends. If it is a full Opera length glove such as Desdemona, Hermione, Antigone and so on, this will be 16 inches up from where your thumb meets your wrist. If it is an elbow length glove such as Theodora, this will be 12 inches up from where your thumb meets your wrist.

To take your arm fit measurement, pass a tape measure around your arm at the designated distance up your arm. Have your arm outstretched but comfortable. The result, in inches, is your arm fit.

Please take care with this measurement and give it to us accurately. We really want your gloves to look perfect, and not be too loose or too tight. With your help we can get them just right!

To convert centimetres to inches, divide by 2.54 - e.g. 23cm = 9 inches