Our dancing tulips | Poppy Cotton Jersey Glove

Photo credit: thisiscolossal

Film credits: Editing by @josephcolley Sound by @ekstrajournal. With assistance from @andrea_portoles

Did you know that tulips are widely known as 'dancing flowers'?

After they are cut they continue to grow about two inches - the stems bend and curve and move in all sorts of directions to reach the light. Many artists, inspired by this natural phenomenon have recreated in all art forms the graceful movement of tulips. Carl Kleiner for example, the Swedish photographer, in his photo and video series Postures featured artfully arranged tulips, using minimal metal rods. Genevieve, our Creative Director also got inspired by the 'dancing flowers' when designing our 'Poppy' gloves. Made in our soft, breathable and elastic cotton this glove can get you carried away in the most graceful of all movements.