Gloves and rings - let bygones be bygones

To ring, or not to ring? It shouldn’t be a question.

But we get it. When two accessories have been pitched against each other for such a long time, it’s difficult to break tradition. That doesn’t mean we can’t, though! 

A common misconception is that rings will not fit properly over the top of gloves and will be uncomfortable. While this might be true for slightly thicker materials, like leather or cashmere, tulle and lace are thin enough that you need not size up in order for it to fit. Satin & silk are the most popular choices especially in weddings, and in this case reach out to us for an extra tip. Lily Arkwright, a ring company specialising in moissanite diamonds, provides a ring size guide so you can double check exactly what size you are and then come to us to talk gloves.

Our 'Arabella' glove, worn by Paola, is a perfect example of a tulle glove worn with rings. They slip over the fabric with ease and can be worn in comfort.

Gloves and rings do look great by themselves, but the possibilities are endless when they’re fused together. For a more elegant style, try our ‘Hermione’ evening glove with a sparkly diamond ring. Lily Arkwright’s ‘Giselle’ Moissanite ring would be a beautiful addition to this classically timeless pairing. Diamonds and evening gloves are always a winner. 

But if you’re looking to have a bit more of a thrill…

‘Lara’ is a loud and proud glove with a daring ballerina tutu cuff. Paired with a variety of bigger, more abstract rings, this glove becomes more casually wearable and fun to play around with. 

Fashion should be an opportunity to experiment and let loose. After all, rules are there to be broken, so don’t be afraid to make your mark! Be daring, be brave and - most importantly - be you.

To ring, or not to ring… the decision is entirely up to you.