Shanti Winiger | Velvet off the red carpet into your everyday lives

If you are already familiar with our softest and finest 'couture' type of fabric - yes we are talking about merino wool - allows us to bring you an air of additional luxury with velvet. Today this woven tufted fabric has stepped clean off the red carpet and into our everyday lives. We didn't go over the top - we just added some velvet fourchettes and a matching bow to your favourite and classiest merino wool gloves to prove that velvet, in all its soft glory, is not only a disco staple. 

From sweatpants to sneakers, the fabric is increasingly being used in everyday, workaday wardrobe pieces —smooth, soft and shiny velvet enjoys something of a casual revolution. Considering it was popular during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, it's a perfect choice of fabric if you are going for a retro or vintage look. 

Shanti found all she was looking for in our 'Aimée' merino wool gloves.