Merino Wool Gloves

Warmth, practicality, comfort but absolutely no compromise on style; this is what our merino wool gloves bring to an eagerly awaiting World. Google ‘merino wool gloves’ and you will be invited to view a feast of ‘icebreaker mountain gloves’ and ‘pure merino wool liners’. All good stuff if you’re heading off on a polar expedition but not what’s needed when you’re popping out to do a bit of shopping. Our merino wool gloves combine the very best of Australian wool and pure British style in a combination that only Cornelia James can contrive.

The Merino is the king of sheep in so far as wool is concerned. Originally reared in Spain, the Merino sheep was exported to Australia where sheep and climate conspire to produce a wool of superlative quality. The wool is especially fine, making it very soft to the touch and, pound for pound, one of the warmest wools around, a quality which enables us to make a glove that is sleek, stylish and warm.

It doesn’t just stop there (no holding those Merinos) - once knitted into a jersey fabric, the wool has extraordinary qualities of natural elasticity and recovery, so that the glove will allow your hand to pass through the narrow, wrist section and then recover its shape. Our wool comes from Australian sheep, goes to Germany to be spun into yarn and then to Italy to be knitted into a jersey fabric and dyed. It comes to us in England ‘on the roll’ to be cut into web, fourchettes and thumbs and made up into gloves. Our Imogen pure merino wool glove is one of our best loved gloves and has a following the World over.

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