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Lace Gloves

A collection of  lace gloves hand made in England. French lace is carefully crafted into delicate gloves in the heart of the British countryside. Ideal for any summer occasion, lace gloves make the perfect accessory. Glovemakers by Royal Appointment. British manufacturing at its finest. 

About our lace. 

Our lace comes from the renowned lace-making house Sophie Hallette in the Caudry region of France, where they still use the traditional methods of working using nineteenth century looms and hand beading. The lace arrives with us on the roll to be cut and hand-sewn. 

Lily - Lace Glove - Floral Pattern £60 GBP
Nancy - Lace Glove £60 GBP
Lucinda - Lace Fingerless Glove £60 GBP
Flora - Lace Glove - Floral Pattern £60 GBP
Ella - Lace Glove £66 GBP
India - Fine Net Glove £65 GBP
Moira - Short Lace Glove £65 GBP
Virginia - Lace Glove £65 GBP
Lara - Net Glove £75 GBP
Daisy - Lace mitten £48 GBP
Tabitha - Lace Fingerless Glove £48 GBP
Arabella - Fine Net Glove £75 GBP



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